Wheelie Bin Stickers

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These things are now FREE!!! All you need to do is pay for the postage and they’re all yours.  Grab one, grab five. They’re all yours while stocks last. Add them to orders with other stuff of grab them by themselves…


Picture this on as many bins as we can.
Imagine how many people’s eyes this would catch. We could go viral with these BIN stickers. Tear proof, waterproof and 50cmx 30cm, so pretty hard to miss!!!


Please note the number is just an example of where YOU WOULD WRITE YOUR OWN HOUSE NUMBER IN!!!!!!!

Once again, you would write your house number on that white bit in the middle, where we’ve mocked up the 46…..!

These stickers will be available to ship by the end of March, so grab them while you can people.



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