Small “Old School Typewriter Style” #ZeroTolerance Window Stickers


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Oh…… you thought the other “ZeroTolerance” window stickers were cool????

Pfffffffft. You ain’t seen nothin’ yet!!!

Allow us to introduce to you our “Typewriter Style” of 20 inch x 2 inch #zerotolerance  window stickers.

These look cooler than Vincent and Jules in Pulp Fiction… (Google that one kids if you missed it…)

As of 1st July, the default colour on these bad boys (or girls) is white.  But if you feel like choosing a colour that is less white, or any other colour at all really, just let us know by adding what colour you’d like it in a note in your order!!!! Almost anything is possible here at #ZeroTolerance!

(Dirty old Mustang not included)

(Dirty old Mustang not included)




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